Mermaid Tail Pillow 

I was visiting a friends house recently, she had made a little mermaid tail pillow. I was dying to make one! Good thing my niece LOVES mermaids and had a birthday coming up! I searched and searched for a pattern or directions.  No such luck. I made sure to snap lots of pictures so I could share.  My niece loves it. She uses it as a body pillow and snuggles it while reading and relaxing. 

What you’ll need:

Two yards fabric. Or less depending on the size of your pillow. I found this amazing scale fabric at Jo Ann’s.  It was full price, so I could use a 40% off coupon. 

Sewing machine

Poly fill

Create a tail pattern. Quick Google search will give you a ton of ideas. 

Then be sure your scales are pointing the right direction! Mine aren’t here. I would have been so upset. 

Cut 2 pieces 

Then with right sides together, sew around your pillow leaving a small gap for your stuffing.

Of course add Lavender!!!! This is a pillow for chilling out after all 🙂
Then sew your gap closed.

Ta da!!! That’s it. This pillow took about an hour start to finish.  Creating the pattern took the longest. It could take a lot less time. This is a definite beginner project. So easy!


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