Zyng & Nitro

I’m hosting a outside the Young Living starter kit class on FB. I’ve decided I’d share my favorites for one week. I personally love seeing products that people love and try.  

Today’s favorite is brought to you by FRIDAY!  Who doesn’t need energy on a Friday?

 I choose one of these to have every afternoon. If I need a lot of energy quickly to get a lot done, I go for a Zyng. If I need longer lasting energy I go for the Nitro.  I use to always have a coffee in the afternoon. Back in the day, day, it was energy drinks.  I spend a lot less on these, save a TON of calories, and don’t have a evening crash, or a difficult time falling asleep. Not to mention the ingredients are actually good for your health.  I love the taste of both of them and usually have a shot of Ningxia with! 


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